Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 9th May

Excellent news with no reported burglary or vehicle crime in the last week.

There have been very few ASB reports. An abandoned vehicle on St Helens Lane has been traced to a company in Leeds, however officers are finding it difficult to get in touch with them, further enquiries are on going. On the 14th PCSO King found 4 youths present on the astro turf pitch, there were no signs of drugs or drinking and so advice given and they moved off. Both Bedquilts car park and Tile Lane have been quiet on patrols. Mulberry Garth has also been patrolled due to some parking issues on the cobbled area, there have been no obstructions on officers visits.

Arrests of note
2 males have been arrested for conspiracy to burgle on Long Causeway after police were called to 2 males acting suspiciously, they find males ‘snooping’ around and both give different account to police. The 28 year old male from Moortown and 23 year old male from an inner city bail hostel are both on bail pending further investigation.

On the 12th May we carried out a high visibility check site operation in partnership with VOSA,  Customs & Excise and Trading Standards, we targeted bogus scrapper type vehicles/offenders covering Guiseley, Rawdon, Yeadon and Otley. The day was a huge success with 54 vehicles in total being checked at the site.  Red diesel was found to be present in a vehicle which was seized until the £500 fine was paid. Trading Standards issued 23 advice letters and obtained intelligence that needs more work on, VOSA issued 8 prohibition notices for various offences, this means that the vehicle is seized until the defects are repaired , 1 of these was also issued with a £200 fine. 1 driver was given a fixed penalty notice for displaying an incorrect registration plate, 3 people were stopped and searched and 2 drivers issued with notices to produce their documents.

The below document is regards metal theft at power stations.
(See attached file: Power Cuts NHW Letter.pdf)

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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