Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 6th June

There has been 1 report of burglary in the last week which occurred on Mulberry Avenue, where an Audi vehicle was stolen. There has been no vehicle crime.  On East Causeway a roll cage for a vehicle was stolen from the driveway.

We have received two calls relating to asb this week in the Adel area, one was regarding youths entering the grounds of Tile Lane Primary School on the 8th, there were no youths present upon police arrival.  The second call was relating to youths being present around the old Eastmoor site throwing stones at a light ,again no youths were present on police arrival and there was no damage to any street furniture. On the 12th PCSO King was patrolling Tile Lane when some youths ran off on his arrival, it appears they may have been trying to prise off the tin shutters, council aware and arranging for the building to be resecured. Adel Wood Close continues to be patrolled but no incidents seen or raised this week. On the 8th PCSO Salkeld patrolled St John the baptist school where 2 vehicles were parked too close to the
junction, registration numbers have been taken.

Digital Switchover – The Digital Switchover process in West Yorkshire will
take place in two stages; the first on 7th September and the second on 21st
September.  The process could possibly be viewed as an ‘opportunity’ for
some offenders to gain entry to vulnerable premises, acting as bogus
officials. Please bear this in mind and raise the awareness of friends,
families and neighbours.

Please see attached photograph of Neighbourhood Police

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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