Safe Crossing Campaign, Sir George Martin Drive – Road Safety Measures

Some of you may be aware a group of parents had recently organised a campaign and collated 100’s of signatures in an attempt to try and improve road safety in the area, particularly for both schools in which Adel Crag Community Association fully support.  

The petition has gone to the council to enable the residents to put their case forward to Highways Officers and to enable a discussion to take place as to alternatives that Leeds City Council Department are willing to consider.

As some of you may be aware your association was involved in using the speed indicator device (SID) during summer 2007 and carried checks on Sir George Martin Drive.  We measured 100’s of vehicles exceeding the 30mph limit – some by as much as 12mph.  This data was forwarded to the city’s highway department to press for more safety measures to be put in place such as 20 mph limit near the two schools, speed bumps and a pedestrian crossing but unfortunately nothing transpired.  However, this was four years ago and we believe the volume of traffic has since increased for the council to have a change of heart and take appropriate action.

We believe many motorists used the route from Stairfoot Lane to Sir George Martin Drive and Long Causeway as a rat run. 

We fully support the ideas put forward by the parents and hope that the council on this occasion take everything into consideration and put some preventative measures in place which is of uttermost importance within our community before there is a fatality.

Please share this news with your friends on Facebook and help us keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening in our community.

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