School Crossing Patrol

We refer to a previous post in respect of the above and welcome the good news received from Cllr Barry Anderson by the Senior Supervisor, (Passenger Assistants & School Crossing Patrol), Passenger Transport, Westland Road Depot who has advised him as follows:

“As agreed, we placed a temporary School Crossing warden on Sir George Martin Drive at Adel Primary School, for four weeks, in order that we monitor the traffic flow and the number of pedestrians crossing.

This trial period had now ended and we have analysed the statistics and I can confirm that the numbers of both pedestrians and traffic warrant the need for a warden. Thus we are able to establish a permanent site, which will be fully funded by the authority.

We are in the process of advertising for a number of vacancies and we will include the site at Adel in this recruitment process.

For your information, I have attached a flyer which we will distribute at the school and in the immediate area during the recruitment process, but if you or the school are aware of any interested parents could you please let them know the situation and give them my details.”

Poster attached please click here…

Adel Crag Comments:

“We would have liked more safety measures in place such as 20 mph limit near the two schools, speed bumps and a pedestrian crossing but would seem the council have taken everything into consideration and had a change of heart to employ a School Crossing Warden. However, we feel it does not resolve the issue of traffic on the stretch of the road and shall be considering campaigning for additional measures to be put in place.”

In the meantime, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Cllr Barry Anderson directly.

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