Important Service Message – Garden Waste Collection

You are probably aware that Leeds City Council have announced that the garden waste collection service will be suspended for the winter months and no collections will take place during

December 2011    January 2012   February 2012

The service will resume with fortnightly collections in March 2012

For further information please visit

Please share this information with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in your local area informed of what is happening.

3 thoughts on “Important Service Message – Garden Waste Collection

  1. Who is going to clear the paths of leaves, and dispose of them? Surely, with a late Autumn this year it would have been important for Brown Wheelie Bins to be available at least one month longer. In some areas of Adel and further afield the roads and streets are covered in leaves. An example would be The Drive, Adel where leaf-fall is tremendous and has made the footpaths very slippy. If Streetscene do not do the work the residents have to and if they cannot put leaves in the Brown Wheelie Bins, do they just put them in Black Bags and hide them in with their normal waste? Local Government gone crazy!!!


  2. Having been a resident in the Roundhay area of Leeds since September 2011 and having filled the brown when I moved in it is still sitting outside the garage next to the road to be emptied, what happened to the collections in October and November?


    • Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Was your brown bin on the kerbside or outside the garage?

      Should this not be the case you may wish to contact waste management at Leeds City Council or alternatively make a formal complaint. Alternatively, you could contact your local ward councillor or MP.

      We trust this helps with your enquiry.



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