Your Bin Collections Over The Holidays

RECYCLING and waste collection dates change between 19 December and 8 January.

Usual Revised
Mon19 Dec Sun 18 Dec
Tue 20 Dec Mon 19 Dec
Wed 21 Dec Tue 20 Dec
Thu 22 Dec Wed 21 Dec
Fri 23 Dec Thu 22 Dec
Sat 24 Dec Fri 23 Dec
Mon 26 Dec Sat 24 Dec
Tue 27 Dec Wed 28 Dec
Wed 28 Dec Thu 29 Dec
Thu 29 Dec Fri 30 Dec
Fri 30 Dec Sat 31 Dec
Sat 31 Dec Mon 2 Jan
Mon 2 Jan Tue 3 Jan
Tue 3 Jan Wed 4 Jan
Wed 4 Jan Thu 5 Jan
Thu 5 Jan Fri 6 Jan
Fri 6 Jan Sat 7 Jan
Sat 7 Jan Sun 8 Jan

For more information visit

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