First Bus – New Fares from 2nd January 2012

As some of you may be aware First has announced a fare increase to commence 2nd January 2012.

We have been informed that the increase to fares has been kept to a minimum but is necessary to cover costs such as fuel.

New Fares from 2nd January will be as follows:

FirstDay West Yorkshire £4.60

FirstDay Off-Peak £3.80

Some promotional and special fares on individual services are also changing – please call 0845 604 5460 or visit their website: for more information.

One thought on “First Bus – New Fares from 2nd January 2012

  1. First Leeds should be ashamed of themselves increasing travel fares in Leeds. So if you were on single JSA which is about £60 per week, and you had to look for work every day at £4.60 a day, you would be expected to spend £20+ leaving you £40 to budget on food, clothing, tv licence, home insurance, water charges, gas, and electricity. Another great incentive to make people want to work.

    Oh and I forgot LCC are increasing leisure centre charges from next year as well so we cannot even afford to keep fit.


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