Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 5th December 2011

There have been 6 reports of burglary in the last week, these have occurred on Whinfield where a euro profile lock has been attacked with molegrips snapping the lock to gain entry. Kenworthy Gate where a brick has been used to smash a window to gain entry. Broomfield, again glass window smashed to gain entry however the alarm activates and the offenders make off empty handed. The Drive, glass window smashed to gain entry. Otley Road, an insecure garage is entered and then a rear window smashed on the house but no entry gained. A further insecure storage compound was entered on Otley Road which led to a flat roof, a window has then been prised to gain entry to some storage offices. There has been no vehicle crime.

ASB no incidents to report.

A Licensing Operation was carried out last week where a drugs dog was used
passively to detect illegal substances. Leeds City Council Licensing were also present. A number of premises across the area were unexpectedly visited. We are pleased to report that the majority of premises were all above board along with their customers, this is a superb result at this busy time of year to see that people are out enjoying themselves in a respectful manner.

Euro profile locks remain the main issue for our area, where the locks are
snapped by mole grips to gain entry. We would urge you all to take some
simple precautions as most families will be away from their home at some
point during the festive period. Leave a light on by using a timer, this
gives the impression that someone is in, use a low energy bulb as this is a
low cost option. Book a FREE security assessment through CASAC, they work with the police and are a non profit organisation dedicated to reducing
burglary in our area. They can fit and upgrade a range of security products
to your home in a short space of time, they do on occasion have funding
available for the most vulnerable victims,  they can be contacted on 0845
519 2122.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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