Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 6th February 2012

A NHW coordinator in the Pennines area has reported that last weekend he received a phone call that sounded like a scam.

“I received a call about stopping unwanted phone calls…. the thing is the caller asks for only for £1.99 as a one-off payment but wants visa card details as it’s not on your normal phone bill.”

The man was very plausible, sounding just like a BT operator. When I asked for his name and number … he hung up. BT state it’s an international scam and give the advice, just say NO and put the phone down.

There have been no reported burglaries or car crime in the area this week.

On Wayland Approach there have been two houses that have had lead flashing stolen from porch roofs. The local scrap yards have been checked to see if anyone has tried to take lead there in exchange for money. There are no further lines of enquiry for this at the moment.

On Farrar Lane a lady has been walking home from the shop’s with her child and pram when she has been looking in her bag, a male from behind has snatched the bag and run off. There were no witness’s to this. This happened at dinner time.

No incidents to report.

Other news:
PCSO Claire Salkeld has been into St John the Baptist Church to provide an input on Road safety, which was very much enjoyed by the pupils.

Arrests of note:
A 19 year old male from Holt Park has been arrested for a theft that occurred on Farrar Lane where a handbag was stolen from a victim, drugs were also found on the male when arrested, he has been charged with the drugs offences and further enquiries are on going with the theft.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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