Residents in the area have been the victim of lead thefts

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Adel Crag


Dear Householder,

I am very sorry to report that a number of residents in the area have been the victim of lead thefts.

I wanted to take the opportunity to contact all residents to provide some crime reduction advice and keen to make your local officers known to you and how you can contact them.

The houses that have been targeted in the area have had the lead flashing removed from about the window / door. This crime is usually committed by people looking to weigh the metal in for money at scrap metal dealers.

In order to reduce future incidents I would like to recommend anti-climb paint. This can usually be obtained from most D-l-Y and hardware stores. If you paint this directly on to the lead it may act as a deterrent as scrap dealers will not weigh in lead which has this painted on due to the effect it has on their equipment when they melt it down.

As well as your local officers being around the area I would like to let you know you can contact us directly either by phone or email.

If you are reporting an emergency then you must ring 999.

For a ‘non emergency’ to report a crime or routine incident ring 101.

If you wish to speak directly to your Neighbourhood Policing Team at Otley Police Station call us on 01274 471458. This is not a permanently staffed number and you may have to leave a message. We will get back to you personally and the contact will be from a local NF officer who understands the problems of your neighbourhood.

You can also contact one of your local officers directly (if they are on duty) they will give you’re their contact numbers personally when you see them or they are available on our website

If you have any information regarding the lead thefts I would like you to please contact us in one of the above ways.

You could Also contact Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.

Pc 4831 Stead
North WestOuter Neighbourhood Policing Team
Adel & Holt Park

3 thoughts on “Residents in the area have been the victim of lead thefts

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  2. In a two year spree over 100 properties in the Holtdales have been subject to lead flashing theft. Anti-theft paint has been no deterrent to the criminals who target lead. Your biggest deterrent is to set up a Neighbourhood Watch, and display the scheme in your area. These schemes work well in small community areas such as Adel.


  3. Thank you for your comment. We are pleased to say that some areas in Adel already have a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in place and works very well. Unfortunately, where the houses recently had lead flashing stolen from porch roofs do not have a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in place.


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