Commendation goes out to the Editors and Publishers of Adel Bells Church Magazine

Adel Crag would like to send out a well deserved commendation to the Editors for their excellent work in putting together the well presented Adel Bells Church Magazine.  We also would like to send out a commendation to all the residents who make every effort during their valuable time in putting together articles for the church magazine which provides interesting reading.

You may be interested to know you can obtain a copy of the Adel Bells Church Magazine which is published 10 times a year by filling in the Order Form inside the magazine. The cost is £5 per annum £11 postal subscription if you live in the UK but outside the parish. Cheques payable to Adel PCC.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to pass your details to the person(s) concerned.

“From the Editors

January saw a spate of bugs and viruses attacking Ad residents including our own Rector. We hope that all have now recovered and are ready to look forward to the longer days of Spring, which surely can’t be too far away now.. As we write this the daffodils are already peeping their heads through the soil.

Our magazine covers not only even in Add, but we regularly feature articles about France and other countries. This month, however, we venture as far afield as China! Read about Beth’s and Emily’s experiences on page 16. If you have any interesting news of any other of our church family members, please let us know. It makes interesting reading to find out what people have been up to.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make Christmas so enjoyable in our church. These things don’t just happen of their own accord: there is a lot of preparation and hard work going on behind the scenes. It was also good, seeing the pupils from our Church School being involved. For more details see pages 12 and 16.”

Beryl Thompson

      Marjorie Cole 

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