Leeds Core Strategy Publication Draft Consultation

We refer to our previous post yesterday and have been sent the following further information today, below in respect of accessing the documents etc., as if you don’t want to download it to your own printer, it does give alternative sources for getting a copy.

You may find this useful if you know of any friends, relatives, neighbours who may have difficulty accessing the information but did have an interest and want to take part. It also clarifies the deadlines for comments.

Thank you.

Leeds Local Development Framework
LEEDS CORE STRATEGY Development Plan Document (DPD) Publication Draft

Consultation period 28 February to 12 April 20125PM

I am writing to seek your comments on the Core Strategy Publication Draft. This is the final chance to comment on the document before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for independent Examination.

The Core Strategy is part of the Local Development Framework – the new development plan for Leeds.  The Core Strategy sets out the spatial and land use strategy for Leeds over the next 16 years and reflects the ambitions and priorities set out in the Vision for Leeds(The Community Plan). The Core Strategy sets out the spatial development strategy (supported by the Key Diagram) and strategic themes and polices focusing on:

  • Place making
  • Retail development and supporting the needs of communities
  • Local distinctiveness, sustainability and environmental quality
  • Planning for economic growth and prosperity
  • Meeting housing need and planning for longer tem growth
  • Regeneration priority areas
  • A well connected city (transportation and accessibility)
  • Managing environmental resources

Following early periods of consultation (in October – December 2007 and October – December 2009) and consideration by the City Council’s Executive Board on 10th February 2012, a ‘Publication Document’ has been prepared for a period of consultation which starts on 28th February for 6 weeks. The following documents are available:

  • Publication Document (Core Strategy Main Document)
  • Key Diagram
  • Sustainability Appraisal Report – Full Version
  • Equality Impact Assessment
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment Screening
  • Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • Draft Monitoring Framework
  • Background Topic Paper: Health
  • Core Strategy Preferred Approach Report of Consultation
  • Statement of Representation (Reg 27)
  • Publication Response Form

From 28th February, you will be able to access the above documents in the following ways:

  • Webwww.leeds.gov.uk\ldf  and following the link to the ‘Current consultations and Examinations in Public’. In addition to the above documents there are a number of links to other relevant documents, including the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA); Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA);Leeds open space sport and recreation assessment; Employment Land Review, the Leeds City Centre, Town and Local Centres Study and the Housing growth inLeeds.
  • Visiting the Development Enquiry Centre at The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington St, Leeds, LS2 8HD (Mon to Fri 08:30 -17:00, except Wed 09:30 – 17:00)
  • At Libraries (including the three community mobile services) and One Stop Centres across Leeds.
  • Requesting a copy to be sent out to you by Post or by Email by phoning Leeds (0113) 247 8092 or email ldf@leeds.gov.uk.
  • Special arrangements can be made to translate the documents into any language (free of charge) by telephoning (0113) 247 8092 and we will try to facilitate any special needs to make sure your views are registered.

 Tests of Soundness

We are only asking for views about the ‘soundness’ of the Plan. An independent Inspector will examine the Core Strategy against 3 tests of soundness which require the document to be i) Justified; ii) Effective and iii) Consistent with National Policy.  More information on the tests of soundness can be found in the Planning Inspectorate’s guidance document ‘Local Development Frameworks: Examining Development Plan Documents – Soundness Guidance.’ This is available from www.planning-inspectorate.gov.uk and also available as a link on our LDF web page.

Yours sincerely,

David Feeney
Head of Forward Planning & Implementation
City Development


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