Neighbourhood Police Update W/c 27th February 2012

We took part in a national metal theft day of action on the 27th where local scrap yards were checked for any stolen stock, visitors to the sites were checked along with their vehicles and any property on them, in total 9 vehicles were stopped, 6 searched along with the occupants and 1 reported for road traffic offences.

PC Stead attended the latest Faithwatch meeting which was held on the 28th at the Adel Meeting House to provide an update on crime and on hand for any crime prevention advice. There are no specific incidents to report.

On Carlton Lane suspects have entered a farm-yard through the main gates overnight and have entered an outbuilding. Suspects have selected a range of farmer’s tools and then left through the main gates. Nearly £3000.00 worth of tools and items have been stolen.

There have been no reported burglaries or car crime this week in the area.

ASB No incidents to report.

Other news
PCSO Reardon visited the Scouts at the Adel Methodist Church this week, which was enjoyed by all, our dog handler also called in to show off the working police dog which was a highlight for many. PCSO King and Southwood have provided inputs on stranger danger and people who help us to the pupils of Adel Primary.

Arrests of note
A 47 year old male from Kirkstall has been arrested on suspicion of going equipped to burgle after he was found in the evening on Weetwood Lane with a torch and lock pick, jewellery was also found following a search, he has been charged and remanded, further enquiries are on going to locate the owner of the jewellery.

For full police report of North West Outer NPT please click here…

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