Update on Planning Application David Wilson Homes – Holt Avenue

Please see below recently received from Cllr Barry Anderson which may be of interest to you.

I was in touch with the Planner responsible for this application to thank her for securing the additional £35,000 for the traffic light enhancements on the Church Lane/Otley Road junction. She also advised me of the following:

“On Thursday morning the applicant agreed to contribute towards a MOVA system at the Church Lane/Otley Road junction – £35,000.  In relation to Plans Panel itself, they determined to defer and delegate for approval subject to an alteration to one of the conditions.  This condition related to materials; members did not like the proposed artificial stone so they requested the general materials condition.” 

On seeking further clarification on her response above it appears that the Plans Panel were not happy with the artificial stone in Old Heather Black and they have asked that officers work with local Councillors and representatives of local residents to come up with an agreed way forward. What in effect “defer and delegate” means is that officers have to conclude negotiations with David Wilson Homes on the conditions that were agreed including the one above that has been slightly amended.

As soon as I get any further updates I will get in touch with you.


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