Adel Neighbourhood Forum

Come and have your say on the future shape and feel of Adel.

Saturday, 20th April 2013 10am-4pm Adel St John Church of England, Primary School, Long Causeway, Leeds LSI6 8EX.

The purpose of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum is to give a renewed sense of ownership to the Adel Community on land development issues. Also to ensure that local people have a strong influence over the future design, layout, character and mix of future developments. The event is your chance to have your say.

What sort of housing development would you like to see in Adel?

What type of community facilities or services to support local businesses will be needed?

What are the important heritage, green and environment issues?

What additional education provision and public! private transport services will be needed to meet increased demand?  

Your views are important to the success of this initiative.

Meanwhile at its meeting on 4th February fifteen Members of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum unanimously elected Ian Bond and Nick Brown as its Joint Chairmen. Caroline Anderson was similarly elected to the post of Secretary. Geoff Steel is the Church’s representative on the Forum. Nick Brown is a professional Architect who has lived in Mel for 16 years. Nick said” Adel has a great opportunity to determine its future now, through the creation of the Neighbourhood Plan and I’m honoured to have been elected Co-Chair.” Ian Bond has lived in Adel for the last thirty years. He is a retired Senior Children’s Services Manager and was also a Chair and Governor at Ralph Thoresby High School. Jan said “Credit should be given to the whole Community as the first non- Parish Church community to apply for Neighbourhood Forum status in the area.”

The next meeting of the Adel Neighbourhood Forum will take place on 22nd April.

For further information, please go to Adel Neighbourhood Forum Website:

Adel Crag added:  Please bring this information to the attention of your friends and neighbours who may not have access to the internet.

*Article published recently in Adel Bells Parish Magazine.

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