Campaign group joins fight to stop Leeds housing scheme

Housing campaign group membersAn influential pressure group has joined the fight against plans for a major housing development on the doorstep of a quiet community in Leeds.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says the proposed construction of up to 700 homes to the east of Scholes would be “wholly out of proportion” with the size of the village.

It also argues that the development would be unsustainable due to “poor public transport connections, inadequate local amenities and huge volumes of additional road traffic generation”.

And today villagers told of their hopes that the CPRE’s intervention could help convince Leeds City Council to give the scheme the thumbs-down.

Scholes resident and community planning expert George Hall said: “I think this could turn out to be a really significant step. Firstly, because this is the CPRE we are talking about.

“Secondly, it hasn’t just said this because of what it has read or seen on some plans.

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Adel Crag added: Please share this information with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone in the local area informed of what is happening.

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