Grass Cutting Performance

Wayland Estate Due to a number of complaints received from local residents regarding grass cutting performance please see response recently received from Cllr Barry Anderson for your attention.


Dear Councillor,

The Executive Member for Environment and Parks has asked me to provide an update on the briefing I sent you on the 5th June regarding maintenance of grass verges and spaces around dwellings.

Our contractor Continental Landscapes Ltd has responded positively to our concerns and their recovery plan has seen an increasing level of productivity helped by the improving weather in recent days. Clearly there are still areas of grass and verges that are not at the standard we would expect for this time of year, however the position is improving and we continue to press Continental for attention to address these problems.  They continue to work evenings and weekends (including the forthcoming weekend) at no additional cost to the council to reduce the interval between mowing, and we expect that they will have achieved a 10 working day cycle at the end of June in line with the recovery plan.

Once again I apologise for the additional enquiries regarding grass cutting issues that you have had during this period.

Kind regards

Chief Officer Parks and Countryside

Adel Crag added: Please share this information with your friends on Facebook and help keep everyone informed of what is happening.

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