New homes to trigger boomtime in Leeds housing

BuilderLEEDS IS on the brink of a housing boom, with plans for a new housing development in the east of the city set to light the touchpaper for the building of tens of thousands of homes, a council boss claims today.

Speaking to the YEP, Councillor Peter Gruen, the man in charge of Leeds City Council’s housing policy, said that developers couldn’t keep pace with the demand that exists for new homes.

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3 thoughts on “New homes to trigger boomtime in Leeds housing

  1. Can we have the views of the Adel Crag Community Association on housing developments in the Adel area. It would interesting to hear from other readers as to where they expect Housing to be built in Leeds if the City has to meet Government targets on new build. Developers prefer ‘greenfield’ sites over ‘brownfield’ sites for profit reasons. So with the City Council knocking back new build in Bramhope, Scholes etc….. Where else will developers look in Leeds for new build, and what does Leeds City Council expect from Central Government when they report that they so called 5 year plan is not going to be achieved. Comments and Observations are always gratefully appreciated.


  2. Many residents who have lived in Adel for over 35 years or more would have seen over the years a number of housing development builds such as the Mulberries, Oaklands, Waylands off Long Causeway and East Causeway etc which gave buyers an opportunity to also live in Adel but today the same residents are not happy about having more houses built in Adel.

    We are fully aware that the majority of the local residents strongly object to the build on PAS Land off Otley Road but after the council have knocked back new build in Bramhope, Scholes etc….Where else will developers look in Leeds for new build?

    We would like to see a mixed design of houses, a new primary school and community facilities for older residents and young with a new play area for children.


  3. So are you saying that you and many other residents do not object to new housing in Adel? If you do not get the new housing, will you also struggle to convince future developers to install facilities for the young and old alike? .


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