Weekly Ward Crime update [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Please see below for the past seven days crime in Adel and Wharfedale Ward received from PC Karina Ingham;

On the 30th September a stone bird bath was stolen from a property on Holt Park Road, Holt Park.

On the 1st October a vehicle was seized on Holtdale Gardens whilst being driven with no insurance, the driver has been reported for this offence.

On the 1st October there was a theft of two coping stones on Kings Road, Bramhope.

On the 3rd October Police Officers attended an address on Holtdale Croft and found cannabis plants being grown in the address. A man has been reported for the offence and will be summonsed to appear at Court in the near future.

On the 3rd October there was a theft from a vehicle at Bramhope Medical centre. A lady was approached, whilst in her vehicle, by a man with broken English, asking for directions and thrusting a paper map at her. Whilst distracted by this man her handbag was taken from the car. This distraction was used earlier this year in the Cookridge area.

At around 0200 hours 5th October there was an attempt burglary at a commercial business in Holt Park. They attempted to jemmy doors but no entry was gained.

On the 5th October an insecure vehicle was entered in ASDA car park, Holt Park and some keys and cash were taken.

On the 6th October there was a burglary at a commercial business in Holt Park where a door was forced to the property and a quantity of alcohol was taken.

On the 6th October, during the afternoon, there was a burglary at Sandy Lobby, Pool where a glass door was smashed and entry gained to the property.

On the 6th October in the afternoon, there was a burglary on Old Pool Bank where a door was forced to the address. Once inside jewellery and phones were stolen.

On the 7th October two phones were stolen from changing rooms at Adel Memorial whilst a sporting event was on going.

At around 0800 hours 8TH October there was a burglary at a commercial premise in Cookridge, Police Officers attended and made an arrest at the scene. A person in custody and enquiries are now underway.

Many thanks,
Ward Manager Adel and Wharfedale
Leeds District – Outer North West
Otley Police Station, Bridge Street, Otley, LS21 3BA
Internal: 26265
External: 101
To report a crime, please ring 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

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